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Is Oreo suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, our Oreo products are veggie-friendly!
Is Oreo suitable for vegans?
No, Oreo have milk as cross contact and therefore they are not suitable for vegans.
Is Oreo gluten-free?
Unfortunately not as we use wheat in the Oreo recipe.
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Is Oreo nut-free?
Yes! All of our Oreo products are nut-free and contain no traces of nuts.
Does Oreo contain soya?
Yes, our Oreo recipe does contain soya.
Is Oreo halal?
Oreo products on general sale in the UK are made without pork derivatives and alcohol, so they are suitable for halal diets, however they are not halal-certified.
We recommend you check the Foodguide Services UK website: for a more complete guide.
Oreo products that are covered in milk or white chocolate are not suitable for Halal diets
Is Oreo kosher?
Our Oreo products are suitable for kosher diets, as they are made without pork derivatives and alcohol, however they are not kosher-certified.
White and milk chocolate covered Oreo are not suitable for kosher diets.
Is Oreo suitable for lactose/dairy free diets?
No, because of the cross contact of milk.
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Where can I buy the different Oreo varieties?
You can find our Oreo products in most major retailers in the UK.
How do I eat an Oreo?
There is no right way to eat an Oreo. There is the classic ‘Twist, Lick, and Dunk’ move popular with many Oreo eaters. You can do a ‘Lick Race’ with your friends to see who can lick all the cream off of our Double Stuffed Oreo. The possibilities are endless and a moment of wonder is just around the corner…
Where is Oreo produced?
The majority of Oreo products are produced in Spain, however some are also produced in Czech Republic and Ukraine.